think and be free

Cor-Ten and Stainless Steel, large gear can rotate.
11′ 5″ H x 5′ 10″ W x 3′ 7″ D


What can I say about Think and Be Free? I just love it; I feel it elevates my work to a new level. I am very proud of the design, the craftsmanship, and the visual effect that this piece imparts. The design comes from my strong belief, once again, that thoughts and ideas lead to actions, which lead us to freedom and choices.

Similar to Bird in Hand, this sculpture has the fabricated tube design element that introduces a line drawing into the 3-D art. It is a new concept for me and one that I think I will continue with as I like the impact it creates.

Around the same time as designing this piece, I spent a lot of time and focus on clocks and gears. I would love to make a large scale clock sculpture, with moving gears. As part of my research, I designed and built a few gears and when I was deciding what I wanted to put into the head for this sculpture, the gears seemed like a natural fit. The large gear in the middle is kinetic and rotates, adding another element of interest.

There are two versions of this sculpture pictured here; the original I built in 2012 has three small Cor-Ten gears.  I have since made some changes to it, including increasing the height of the base by almost 2 feet as well as changing the small gears to Stainless Steel instead of the Cor-Ten seen here.