spring awakening


Cor-Ten and Stainless Steel with Painted Steel Songbirds

6’2″ H x 3’6″ W x 1′ D
8’6″ H x 4’8″ W x 2’8″ D
10’8″ H x 6′ W x 3’3″ D

6 Foot: $4,400
8 Foot: $5,800
10 Foot: $10,500

Spring Awakening has a very smooth flow and obvious influence from a some of my past work, Retro Trees, in particular. It is a sister piece to Retro Trees, but with a reverse symmetry in regard to numbers. This sculpture features three birds in one tree, while Retro Trees has one bird in three trees. The tilted stainless steel surround of the tree satisfies my love for abstracts, and the birds offer whimsical appeal. The shape of the tree is also very interesting in its simplicity; it is actually a large leaf.