Cor-Ten Steel or Stainless Steel with painted steel ball
4′ H x 1′ 10″ W x 1′ 4″ D
6′ 7″ H x 2′ 8″ W x 1′ 11″ D
8′ 9″ H x 3′ 7″ W x 2′ 7″ D

Cor-Ten Steel Stainless Steel
6’7″ High: $2,900 6’7″ High: $3,800
  8’9″ High: $7,100

The simple lines of Rise have made it a very popular sculpture amongst my clients. It has a very clean organic feel that makes it a perfect addition to gardens. Because of its simplicity, it doesn’t overpower its surroundings.

The flow and change of this sculpture as you walk around it make it very interesting. Viewing it head on, it is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, as you view it from the side it is the opposite, with a narrow top and wide bottom.

This piece is equally strong in Cor-Ten or in Stainless. The ball in the Cor-Ten piece is usually painted a deep forest green which goes perfectly with the deep oxidized color of the steel.

The ball on the Stainless Rise is typically painted red because I always love the strong pop that the red has against the Stainless. The Stainless Rise pictured in the catalog has a matte finish on the front with a contrasting flip-flop finish on the outside surface, giving it some dimension, depth, and additional visual interest.

The Rise is another great example of the influence that the Googie style of art has had on me.