olive branch

Cor-Ten and Stainless Steel with Painted Steel Crow
7′ 3″ H x 4′ W x 1′ 4″ D


Olive Branch is an interesting sculpture that meets and at the same time breaks a lot of rules. It has symmetry in it, with the split circle, yet the branch on top is not at all symmetrical with the piece.

The sculpture starts out as an abstract geometric, but the addition of the bird deviates from that. It has a harmonious balance between the Cor-Ten and Stainless Steel.

Over the years, many people have mistaken the oxidized Cor-Ten I use in many of my sculptures as wood. The addition of the branch was inspired by this common mistake.

I especially liked the look of this bare, stark branch and have replicated it in another bird sculpture, 3 Crows in a Tree.