lola's dress

Cor-Ten Steel
5′ 2″ H x 2′ 4″ W x 6″ D


I created Lola’s Dress soon after the American Dog. At that time I was focusing on designs that clients could make an easier emotional connection to versus my typical abstract geometric shapes. It was inspired by the time in my life that I spent living like I was a part of the Copa Cabana in Costa Rica…..yup, that was a good period.

The original Lola’s Dress was 6 feet tall. It was difficult to sell in the booths at art shows because it was hard to get a full perspective of the piece, so I maximized the impact with a smaller version that has been more successful with viewers.

In 2010, I was very humbled and appreciative when Paradise City chose the dress to be on its magazine’s spring season cover and all of its marketing material. The dress has also been powder-coated pink and auctioned off for Breast Cancer Awareness