honey bear

Cor-Ten Steel 
4′ H x 7′ 6″ W x 12″ D


For years, clients had been asking me if I would build a bear. I had always wanted to do it, but the timing was never right. The winter of 2018 proved to be a very productive, creative time for me. For many reasons, I was able to put the time in to create a bear that I am calling Honey Bear. 

As the days of designing wore on, I came up with an initial solid bear design that felt like it was just missing something. I battled internally with what details or additions I would be able to include to create a draw for people. 

I had given up on what to add and decided to just go with a simple bear. The same night I woke in a cold sweat, “how had I not thought of it before?” HONEY, bears love honey. I was so terrified that I was going to forget that I was unable to fall back asleep. It was so obvious, but for some reason it alluded me for so long. I am thrilled with the final design of the Honey Bear. I feel that it is representational and whimsical all at once.