Cor-Ten Steel
7′ 9″ H x 14′ W x 8″ D


Family was a new piece for 2012, but the design for it started back in 2009 when I was designing a custom sculpture for Central Park in San Ramon CA. The Art Council desired a piece of art that depicted family, community, and togetherness. This was one of my original designs, but it was ultimately deemed too limiting in a definition of family for this century. The city committee settled upon 4 People as the piece they wanted because it left a little more open to interpretation from the viewer.

At the request of a client in 2011, I brought the original idea back to the
drawing board and to completion in 2012 and it is now a part of my current and
available sculpture portfolio.

I especially like this piece because of the internal welds and supports that are hidden, but play such an important and vital role in this sculpture. The span of the arms and the metal connection here would never be possible without them. The inner strength they give allows this piece to be moved and transported without fear of pulling it apart.

I am also pleased that my original design work was able to resurface and I could see it through to completion. This piece, 4 People, and the new Reaching For a Star have begun a new series of figurative art for me that forges a strong emotional connection with viewers, and that of course is always the ultimate goal of art.