easter island head

Cor-Ten Steel
7′ 6″ H x 3′ 4″ W x 3′ 4″ D


Easter Island Head is a head-turning-conversation-generating sculpture. It is obviously inspired by the Moi Statues on Easter Island. The stone figures from this civilization have always fascinated and inspired me.The work, energy, and thought that went into them is mind blowing.

I imagine that my journey with the piece wasn’t quite as difficult as theirs,but it was a definite technical challenge for me. I had wanted to attempt a multi-faceted sculpture such as this for a long time, but I wasn’t positive on the best way to tackle it.

It took a long time to perfect the technique necessary for this piece. It was my first time using a perforated style of steel that is hand bent. It features many 90 degree angles which give it an amazingly rigid, sharp dimension. It was created around the same time as the Shark and unfortunately, both pieces suffered from the economic downturn in our country. These pieces have higher pricing than my other work, due to the
necessary intensive labor as well as the extra treatments required on the metal.

Once again, I learned that my heart doesn’t always get to dictate what I create. The business side of being an artist told me I needed to return to simpler, classic designs in order to stay functioning. However, I do have a vision of a large scale exhibit featuring multiple Easter Island Head sculptures. They are an obvious choice of a great grouping that would make an inspiring exhibit.

Behind the scenes video: