black bird

Cor-Ten Steel
7′ 10″ H x 2′ 11″ W x 6″ D


“Black Bird” has always been one of my favorite Beatles’ song, so incorporating this verse into artwork fulfilled a personal desire within me to visualize the emotions of the song.   As with many of my sculptures, I feel strongly that viewers need an emotional connection to the art in order to be fully moved by it.   Therefore, this particular artwork isn’t for everyone; most will love it or leave it and that is fine by me.   The true strength of art lies within its ability to elevate the viewer and expand upon their individual experience.

I have worked in the past with a client who loved the imagery of the bird combined with the organic looking Cor-Ten, but wasn’t moved by the quote.   I was able to work with her to customize a quote (from environmentalist Rachel Carson) that really spoke to her and moved her the way the “Black Bird” quote moved me.   When viewing art, we all bring something to it. Our experiences, our background, and our past shape how we connect with art and how the art effects us.