beak-a -boo

Cor-Ten Steel
7′ 2″ H x 4′ 4″ W x 9″ D


Beak-A-Boo is a sculpture I am really fond of.   The design concept originated from Sherri, here in our art studio.   The initial vision for this artwork was a multi-colored piece, but by using variation in depth, we were able to achieve the contrast we were looking for out of a single color.   This would not have been possible for me to achieve a few years ago when my forms and techniques were much simpler.   Over the years, I have evolved my welding and building process to the point that this level of deepness is possible.   This sculpture, due to its size has proved to be cumbersome to build in my currently small workshop space as well as difficult to transport and exhibit in a small booth space, but I have great confidence in its longevity of design and think it will be an item that is requested and revisited often.