ball tower

Cor-Ten Steel or Stainless Steel with steel ball either painted or treated with Penetrol

4′ H x 1′ 6″ W x 1′ D
5′ 10″ H x 2′ 3″ W x 1′ 11″ D
8′ H x 3′ 1″ W x 2′ 8″ D

Cor-Ten Steel Stainless Steel
6 Foot: $4,000 6 Foot: $5,200
8 Foot: $6,300 8 Foot $6,900

The clean classic lines of Ball Tower liken it to a steeple, which gives it a very traditional feel. I designed and built this sculpture shortly after 9/11 and I think I subconciously echoed the twin towers in the sculpture’s two columns.

Marc Semler again helped to engineer the curvature and encasement of the ball. Early in my career, I worked with metal and stone. The stones turned out to be difficult to work with because it was hard to be consistent with them, and the steel balls proved to
be a better addition.

The ball can be left to oxidize into a deep, rich mahogany color such as the one pictured here or it can be painted any color of your choosing.