Stainless Steel with painted steel ball
7′ 11″ H x 3′ 7″ W x 1′ 11″ D

Cor-Ten Steel: $4,100
Stainless Steel: $5,100

The concept for Away came about in 2009 while I was working on a commissioned piece for San Ramon, CA. I was attempting to design an abstract geometric that would convey an uplifting sense of family, community, and harmony. The piece itself is somewhat representational of a person with its arms in the air. The committee ultimately selected 4 People as the design they wanted in the park, but I was pleased with the overall look and feel of this design and knew it would appeal to other clients.

The contrast between the flip-flop finish and the matte finish gives it great distinction. The red ball makes its own strong statement that I really like and have replicated in other pieces. There is a flock of birds laser cut into the side of it to reinforce the free, flying feeling I wanted to convey.

In 2010, I redesigned Away in a 12-foot version, which at the time was my largest piece. I had to build a custom rack on the back of my pickup truck to lean and rest it against as I drove from Massachusetts to Florida. It took two people and a front-end loader to place it onto the bed of my pickup for the trip south. Upon arrival in Bonita Springs, FL (after driving 24 hours straight), I realized I would have no access to a front-end loader and would need to get the 12-foot high, 800-pound sculpture off my pickup and onto its pedestal all by myself. It all worked out, and I am happy to say the sculpture still adorns the entrance to their sculpture park.