4 people


Cor-Ten Steel
7′ H x 15′ W x 8″ D


4 People was originally designed and built for San Ramon CA’s Central Park I was commissioned in 2009 to build a sculpture that would depict family, community, and togetherness. My design concepts were initially very abstract in nature, but slowly this figurative piece evolved instead.

The journey to this final product was very much a learning experience for me as I worked closely with the San Ramon Public Art Foundation. The political correctness involved with defining “family” in the year 2010 was an eye opening and enriching experience to me.

I am very happy with the end product of 4 People. The original sculpture that is located in San Ramon’s Central Park is over 18 feet long and about 9 feet tall. I designed a downsized version so that I could comfortably transport it in my trailer and can exhibit it at art shows.

This sculpture is unique from my others in that the Cor-Ten Steel I use for it is 1/8th of an inch thick versus my typical 1/16th of an inch, resulting in an extremely high quality piece.