3 cubes


Stainless Steel with painted steel ball

6′ 6″ H x 4′ 6″ W x 1′ 6″ D


The design for 3 Cubes was inspired by some Christmas wrapping paper. I loved the shapes on it and I set about making a sculpture that would be reminiscent of it.

I am really pleased with the overall impact 3 Cubes has. It embodies my love of abstract geometrics and yet retains a classic feel for the viewer.

This piece with its overlapping rounded squares is very distinct to the Googie movement of art, popular in the 1940’s & 50’s. It is a timeless style that gives a sense of familiarity to the piece.

I am especially pleased with how the red ball gives the artwork a sense of balance and pop. The contrasting finishes in the Stainless Steel also lend added pizzazz and interest. These two themes are favorites of mine and can be seen repeated in several of my sculptures such as Away, Stainless Rise, and I have done variations of Trapped Ball like this as well.

This piece has given birth to Retro Trees.

Behind the scenes video: