3 birds in a tree

Cor-Ten Steel with painted Steel Crows or Cardinals
5′ 7″ H x 3′ 4″ W x 1′ 11″ D


3 Birds in a Tree is a piece that has evolved from my past work with Ravens. The first Raven sculpture I built was in 2006. The birds have historically struck a cord with clients and make a lasting impression and I predict that I will continue to make new designs with these birds and others.

This particular tree design came about when I was working on a custom perch for a client who wanted 3 birds together on a roost. I really liked the shape and whimsy the tree added, but he preferred a clean simple line. I took this to the Baltimore ACC show in 2011 and it was met with great enthusiasm. The Crows seen here can be substituted with the cardinals seen in Bird In Hand.

The tree is inspired by the branch I used in Olive Branch and it has a line from one of my favorite children’s books, The Giving Tree by Sheldon Silverstein laser cut into the base.