shooting stars

Cor-Ten Steel or Stainless Steel
6′ 8″ H x 1′ 11″ W x 1′ 11″ D

Cor-Ten Steel:  $3,500
Stainless Steel:  $4,800

Shooting Stars was inspired by my love of fireworks. The different size columns and the trailing finish on the steel remind me of the cascading fireworks I loved as a child and still enjoy with my children today.

This piece is a great example of how the finish on the Stainless Steel can really define a sculpture. The grinding technique used on Shooting Stars can also be described as “a bowl of spaghetti”. The face of the stars have a different radiating finish on them.

This sculpture is both iconic with the stars and abstract with the clean simple columns. The different angles of each star add to the contrasting effect of the sculpture. Shooting Stars also works well in Cor-Ten. This version has a very different feel from the Stainless version. It conveys a more grounded and solid impression while the stainless has a sense of lightness and airiness.