Bea Girl

Cor-Ten and Stainless Steel
7′ 10″ H x 3′ W x 6″ D


Bea Girl is a great sculpture that has evolved from Distant Beauty. It features a more classic “Natalie Wood” silhouette than its predecessor. The base also has a more feminine feel with the addition of the stainless steel flowers and the recessed stems. The idea for the flowers came from my welder, Gregg, who felt the empty space at the bottom could be better utilized. I think they add much interest and significance to the artwork.

Like Distant Beauty, this piece needs to be viewed from afar to gain full perspective
and depth. I love the combination of the Stainless Steel contrasting against the
Cor-Ten. Like all of the Cor-Ten pieces, the color of the metal varies depending
upon how much sunlight the sculpture receives. The less sunlight; the deeper, richer
and darker the color will be. More sunlight will produce a finish that is lighter and
has more reddish tones.

Bea Girl is named after my daughter, Beatrice, and features 3 bumble bee cut-outs
(one for each of my children) on the sides of it.

Refer to page 19 in the Dale Rogers Studio Collection Booklet.

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