A Turn-key
Sculpture Walk

 DRS Wrapped up a 3 month outdoor sculpture exhibition comprised of 20 of Dale’s sculptures. It was a great success and the town ended up keeping several sculptures for permanent installation! Contact Dale Rogers Studio to learn about bringing a sculpture walk to your town or municipality.

" The freedom to do it your way and the guidance to get it done right."

Ease of Installation

Dale has over 15 years of experience working with public sculpture installations and exhibitions all over the country. Check out some examples here:

Dale Rogers Public Collection

Giant Whales Tail

Dale Rogers Art Exhibitions 

Fit to Your Town

A temporary exhibit can be scaled to fit your community.  You will also have access to Dale’s full Collection of over 50 different sculpture designs with a variety of different themes to match their surroundings. 

Sculpture Catalog

Jumpstart your Public Art Collection

Hosting a temporary sculpture walk is a great way to introduce the idea of public art to your community.  By gauging public feedback you can choose which pieces work right for your city or town before a permeant installation. 

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