rocket tripp

Stainless Steel
6′ 4″ H x 2′ 11″ W x 2′ 11″ D


My love for rockets goes back as far as I can remember; from being a boy and watching shows like Buck Rogers & Lost in Space. I think most Americans are similar to me in their fascination with rocket ships. This sculpture has been on my “design table” for about 3 years. I had been contemplating different details and design ideas. There is a lot going on in this one piece and it looks different depending upon what angle it is viewed at. I love the addition of the portholes; they were a “must” to solidify the iconic Rocket image.

This is the first sculpture that I have integrated rivets into and they work perfectly; giving the Rocket its required industrial look. I have customized this rocket for many companies and individuals and am happy to do so for you.

I am happy to have finally completed it. I see it as my first step towards fulfilling my fantasy of being the first artist to have a sculpture on the moon.