reaching for a star


Cor-Ten Steel with Stainless Steel Star

12’7″H X 3’6″ W x 8″ D


This design idea came about after an initial meeting in Spring of 2011 with a local college to discuss their wish to purchase  a sculpture. They were looking for a piece to define their campus and to convey the feeling of “Reaching for the Stars.”.  I liked the concept and created this lively sibling piece to Family and 4 People

This sculpture is another step leading me to include more figurative pieces among  my first love of abstract geometrics.  The Baltimore American Craft Council Show in February of 2012 was the first time I displayed it.   My belief that viewers make easier emotional connections with figurative pieces  was confirmed when a woman stopped to talk with me about the piece and was moved to tears as she told me what the sculpture symbolized for her.  For me, this was the highest compliment and greatest affirmation that my art was moving in a good direction.