Stainless Steel with Glass Block
5′ 9″ H x 1′ 11″ W x 11″ D
8′ H x 2′ 6″ W x 2′ 6″ D

6 Foot: $5,600
8 Foot: $7,500

Joy is the product of combining two existing sculptures, Another Good Day and Trapped Ball. My original design had a light inside the circle instead of the glass or granite blocks that I now use. Potential clients thought it was too complicated to run electricity to the sculpture, so I swapped out the lighting aspect and made it purely decorative.

Joy was first exhibited at the Latitude Gallery on Newbury Street, Boston. Although generally done in the Stainless Steel, it was once done in a combination of Cor-Ten & Stainless Steel, which made a beautiful contrast. This sculpture again features a combination of finishes on the Stainless surface to give it great contrast and dimension. It has a radiant burst finish on top and the flip flop on the bottom.