sculpture placement

Dale Rogers has been working as a full time metal sculptor since 2003. In that time, he has developed a strong and positive reputation for himself with art collectors, art show promoters and galleries. Dale works with Cor-Ten and Stainless steel; all of his work is originally designed, laser cut, TIG welded and hand finished into large scale 3 dimensional sculptures that combine his love for abstract geometrics with organic lines and a figurative appeal.

Dale is proud to have his sculptures displayed in private collections in 49 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. In addition to these private acquisitions, he is actively expanding his reach into the public realm. He has always believed that art should be accessible to the public and should be an integral part of our every day surroundings. “It is important to add art to the landscape of public venues. Art triggers the imagination of its observers, encourages them to view the world differently, and stimulates conversation. It adds an extra layer for the public to connect with at any park, office building, common area or trail”,  says Dale.

Dale has set a goal for himself to have “A Sculpture in Every State” and he is well on his way to achieving that.   He has public work permanently installed in over 88 communities across 27 states as of mid-year 2014. He has an excellent track record of designing, creating, transporting and installing his work all within specified deadlines. Dale works closely with municipalities and donors, giving particular attention to the surrounding community, the physical site location and the overall theme of the project to provide the perfect sculpture at a fair and reasonable price.