Cor-Ten Steel
6′ 11″ H x 2′6″ W x 6″ D
Baseplate Dimensions:
2’6″ W x 1’11” D


Hands came about during the same time as 2 Roads & Raven. I really liked the concept of putting quotes on my sculptures and this time I decided to use my own words. “The biggest question I had as a child was, how would I leave my mark on the world ?”.

The first Hands is in Longs Park, Lancaster PA. This sculpture has been done a few different ways, with the hand print on one side and the quote on the other as well as the handprint and quote together on one side and even both items on both sides.

The simple, uncluttered background allows the quote and handprint to remain the focal point of the piece.

I am especially proud to have this piece commissioned for a Children’s Shelter in north west Arkansas. I am honored to have the sculpture in such a significant location and can only hope that my artwork helps to inspire these children to dream big about themselves and their ability to impact our world.