Stainless Steel
Varying heights x 6′ W x 3′ 5″ D

Single: $3000
Double: $6000
Triple: $9000

In 2012 I designed a traveling public art exhibit called Flight that consists of 9 Stainless Steel birds, each weighing over 200 pounds and having a wing span of 12 feet. The birds are supported in frames that vary from 12-16 feet high. I introduced this exhibit at ArtPrize 2012 and was honored to receive the Urban Space Juried Award for it.

I decided to create a smaller version of the birds for my clients. Each gull has a wing span of 6 feet and is supported by a pole with a pyramid shaped base. The gulls look great in a set of three with poles of different heights. The flip flop finish on the stainless steel reflects everything around the birds; sunlight, blue skies, green grass, water – whatever their environment may be. They are truly a 3 dimensional, 360 degree piece that looks great no matter what angle you view it from.