Cor-Ten Steel and Stainless Steel rods
7′ 9″ H x 3′ W x 8″ D


My inspiration for doing an acoustic guitar came after seeing some very cool electric guitar sculptures by a fellow sculptor, Matt Johnson. He had giant metal guitars on display at the Paradise City Art Show and they really caught my attention.

I was planning on attending some art shows in Nashville and it seemed logical to make a guitar for that venue. I did a 16 foot tall one in addition to some smaller ones. It was light and easy to maneuver, but proved difficult to show in my booth due to the size, so I made the smaller versions to take to shows.

The guitar strings of this sculpture are made from Stainless Steel Rods that were a great size and the perfect addition to the piece. I am very happy with the lightweight feel of this sculpture. I especially like the tilt and lean it has.