exclaim !

Stainless Steel
6′ 10″ H x 2′ 8″ W x 1′ 6″ D


The concept for the original Exclaim came about because I had two stones that together made a great exclamation point. I designed the sculpture and nestled the stones inside the openings. The problem is, it’s pretty difficult to find two perfect stones to replicate, but, I found that the sculpture was just as great without the stones. The inside of the exclamation point is done in a flip-flop finish to contrast from the matte finish of the front.

The original was sold out of Latitude Gallery on Newbury Street, Boston and unfortunately the stone was damaged in shipping on its way to California; teaching me a valuable lesson on the business side of art. Selling a one of a kind piece (such as the stone shape of an exclamation point) forces a much higher sale price, resulting in the possibility of taking at least six months to move one piece. It taught me that I needed to fine tune my designs so that I could produce work that could bear a reasonable price point. I feel that pricing is a very important aspect of my success. Many artists have to have high price tags on their work due to the complexity and nature of their work. Once again, I was reminded that my heart doesn’t get final say in what I sell.