disco dude

Cor-Ten Steel with Stainless Steel accents
6′ 10″ H x 4′ 7″ W x 2′ 2″ D


Over the past couple of years, my work has been moving towards highly figurative designs; pieces like 4 People, Family, Reaching for a Star. These differ from my preferred favorites of abstract geometrics, but the whimsical spirit behind these pieces have resulted in some of the most enjoyable sculptures I have designed. This festive figure will add sophisticated whimsy to any outside garden. It has an offset balance between the arms and the legs which gives it dimension and flow. The sculpture is dynamic in that it can be viewed from the front or the back, so it has continual interest from many different points. The addition of the stainless steel buttons and collar give a nice added flair. Disco Dude is currently being redesigned in an even larger size for a museum in Florida.