another good day

Stainless Steel with Granite Block
5′ 10″ H x 2′ 8″ W x 2′ D


The inspiration for this sculpture came from a piece of ceramic pottery I made in a high school art class. I loved the sweeping, clean lines of it and this piece embodies it perfectly.

I especially appreciate the triangular shape to this sculpture, although it was quite a challenge to configure. My good friend, Mark Semler was instrumental in assisting with and figuring out the logistics involved on this piece.

With its curves and glimmering finish, Another Good Day, is an especially strong addition to a waterfront venue. This sculpture taught me many lessons early in my career. I wanted to create pieces that I loved and felt right to me, but I learned that I always had to be conscious of two very important aspects; ease of transportation and gallery foot space.

Regardless of appeal and ability to sell, the question of “how does it move” and “how does it transport” dictate whether or not I can continue to exhibit a sculpture. The balance between what my heart wants to make and the business side of remaining successful is constantly at odds. As a result, my pieces began to turn more vertical, making them appealing to galleries who want to maximize their floor space and easing the shipping logistics as well.