Toy Blocks

Cor-Ten Steel
6′ 10″ H x 1′ W x 1′ D


Toy Blocks was an idea I have been tossing around for quite some time. I love the look of the old fashioned toy blocks I grew up with and I chose the word “BELIEVE” as it has always had a strong attachment for me.

This sculpture is reminiscent of simpler, playful times, which is ironic because there is a lot involved with this artwork. This sculpture absolutely has the highest amounts of laser cutting and individual pieces involved with it. Each letter block is assembled on its own as a square block and then they are secured to each other.

There is also some child’s play involved with the alignment of the letters.
They are tilted and slightly askew as towers of blocks typically are.

Refer to page 17 in the Dale Rogers Studio Collection Booklet.

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