Cor-Ten Steel with painted steel ball
7’10” H x 4′ 8″ W x 2′ D


The concept for Owl had been in my head for quite some time. I really wanted to do a triangular piece and I knew that the angle and scope created by the shape would work well with representing an owl. When viewed from the front, the owl features are perfectly clear and the addition of the wavy feather work in the back seals the deal when a client walks around it for the first time!

At first I was unsure how the contemporary wavy look of the back would mesh with the classic simple lines of the front, but now I conclude that they work perfectly together. In addition to all the differing angles and perceptions, I especially like that the narrowness at the base and the wideness at the top create an amazing and unbalanced illusion.

I typically finish the Owl with a painted forest green steel ball. I think this color sets a great organic feel to the sculpture against the oxidized Cor-Ten, but I have also done it for clients in yellow, black, and silver.

The color of the Cor-Ten will vary slightly on each sculpture depending upon how old
it is and how much sunlight exposure it receives. The deeper, darker color is a result of
less sunlight, while a lighter, reddish color emerges when the artwork is exposed to
more sunlight.

Refer to page 26 in the Dale Rogers Studio Collection Booklet.

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