Stainless Steel with Fused Glass Rounds
7′ 2″ H x 3′ 2″ W x 1′ 23″ D

This sculpture, called Lollipop,  came about in 2014.   This artwork really took us to school in terms of our color pallet.   I had wanted to incorporate bright colors into my metal to diversify from the silver and brown color scheme that was quickly becoming my signature.   I think we achieved the correct balance of color in our fused glass panels with the simplicity of design in the metal.   The metal portion of the art is purposely left very clean and simple so that the glass can be the highlight of this artwork.

Color theory and design intent were two concepts that were constantly reoccurring in 2014.   There was much trial and error in working with the glass to achieve the right combination and I really feel that Lollipop was our first success in getting all of the elements just right.   We are very much still in our infancy stage of working with the glass, but I feel that Lollipop will have a long life in our portfolio of sculptures and become one of my classic pieces.   I think an ideal location for Lollipop would be in a high greenery, garden location.   It can add a lot of color to an environment.

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