Cor-Ten or Stainless Steel with Fused Glass Panels
6′ 4″ H x 2′ 1″ W x 11″ D

Cor-Ten Steel: $3,200
Stainless Steel: $3,800

In 2014, I decided to try a new direction with my artwork.   I wanted to incorporate bright and bold colors into my sculptures.   In order to achieve this, I tried my hand at fused glass to create panels, circles, and other accents that could play off and highlight my metal sculptures.

Jellybean was one of my first attempts at merging glass and metal.   I was trying to maintain a very simplistic design within the metal so that the glass could be more complex and become the focus of the artwork.     I think I achieved the goal I had set out and at the same time, so began my education with glass.

Jellybean works equally well in Stainless and in Cor-Ten and the true beauty lies in the ability to mix and match the colored panels with the different metals to create an artwork that can be site specific and somewhat customizable for my clients.

The sleek and simple structure of Jellybean was perfect for my first design and will likely remain a classic, but as happens with most of my designs, I envision that Jellybean will evolve and newer designs may replace it as my glass knowledge continue to grows, expand, and evolve.

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