G Swirl

Stainless Steel
7′ 11″ H x 2′ 6″ W x 2′ 8″ D


This sculpture with its intricate twists and turns is very technically challenging to weld, but Gregg, my # 1 welder not only mastered it, he has perfected it ! As such, it bears his initial.

This sculpture makes a very strong statement when placed in a waterfront location. It is finished in one of my favorite flip-flop patterns. It shimmers in the light and really adds fluid & interest to the piece.

We were thrilled to have it chosen to be placed at the beginning of Newburyport’s Rails Trail. The centerpiece location they chose for us dictated that the piece needed to be even more majestic, thus we went with a 16 foot version of the original sculpture. This G-Swirl could be described as my show-boat piece.

The installation of the 16 foot in Newburyport was for me as much of an art form as designing, building, and finishing the sculpture was. We had both height and width limitations due to the fact that we could only access the site by going under a highway overpass with very low hanging pipes overhead. Then we had a large incline with newly planted landscape to manueveur up. Add to that trying to erect a 16 foot, 2,000
pound sculpture without a crane, just a forklift….made for a fun afternoon!

Refer to page 6 in the Dale Rogers Studio Collection Booklet.

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