Stainless Steel with Fused Glass Round
7′ 6″ H x 3′ 5″ W x 23″ D


Firedance is a sister piece to Duet, one of my earliest designs.   I had intentionally left an open space in middle of the sculpture for a client who didn’t want to block his “million dollar view”.   The clean, simple, geometric shapes of Duet have always appealed to my love for abstracts and I thought it would make a perfect vessel to house one of our newly designed fused glass rounds.   I worked closely with Sherri to come up with a design that would pair best with the metal.

I love the rich, vibrant colors that we have chosen for this artwork.   Duet has always been a romantic piece to me as the two aspects of the sculpture are like two partners. I believe the passionate colors we chose, enhance this even further.

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