Star Tower

Stainless Steel with Painted Steel Ball or Oxidized Steel Ball treated with Penetrol.
5′ 10″ H x 2′ 8″ W x 1′ 11″ D


The angles and corners on this sculpture made for a very challenging piece for me. Welding the tight star points took some finesse and figuring before it was perfected.

I think a star is such an iconic image to many Americans and the addition of the ball brings a classic well rounded feel to the piece.

The Stainless is finished in a shimmery wave pattern that depicts light and energy radiating from the star.

The picture in the catalog shows a steel ball treated with Penetrol. This is my preferred look for many of my pieces, such as Trapped Ball and Ball Tower. The ball develops into a great deep mahogany color and offers a striking contrast to the Stainless Steel body of the artwork.

This picture shows a Star Tower with some client customization done to it. Their preference was for the inside walls of the star to be painted red and the ball yellow. Whenever possible, all client wishes are not only met, but welcomed.

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