Spin Sphere

Stainless Steel and Oxidized Steel Ball with Penetrol Finish
6′ 5″ H x 2′ 6″ W x 11″ D


Spin sphere is one of my earliest designs and it was my first attempt at a kinetic piece. Having no experience with adding movement to my work, I erred on the side of caution and the first springs I used were the size of a car shock!

I was enthused to do something that brought movement into my art after I was inspired by the work of a fellow artist, Whitmore Boogaerts. He was exhibiting his kinetic work at Latitude Gallery at the same time as me. I was fascinated by the additional dimension that the subtle movements gave to the art, turning the sculptures interactive.

The simple shapes and lines of Spin Sphere, which when combined with the shimmering finishes of the Stainless Steel give the sculpture the strong presence I had hoped for. The top portion rotates when pushed, which brings a nice surprise to the piece. The ball here is oxidized for an organic feel.

Refer to page 28 in the Dale Rogers Studio Collection Booklet.

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