Roman Horse

Cor-Ten Steel
6′ 5″ H x 5′ 2″ W x 8″ D


This sculpture of a horse is very different from the majority of other horse sculptures that are typically flowing and liquid in their movements. Mine has more of a unicorn inspired silhouette in its rigid stance, head position, and tail form. The TIG welding method I use in my craft, doesn’t lend itself well to smooth curves, so the end result is very rigid, stringent lines. I think it gives a majestic sense to the horse and I am very pleased with its appearance.

This piece is another example of the faceted perforated steel used in the Easter Island Head and the Shark sculpture. It is a fun technique that gives great dimension to the sculpture. You may notice that the metal in this picture looks pretty different than my other Cor-Ten sculptures. The reason is simply because it hadn’t oxidized yet. This is the color of the Cor-Ten when it arrives to us and while it is being welded. This particular sculpture was delivered to a client as soon as it was finished and the oxidizing process hadn’t begun on it yet.

Refer to page 30 in the Dale Rogers Studio Collection Booklet.

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