Cor-Ten Steel with Stainless Steel Wings
7′ H x 2′ 8″ W x 4′ 4″ D


The human head has always been something that I wanted to sculpt, but very rarely can it be done successfully with the fabricated style that I use. Typically, sculptures involving human forms are primarily cast due to the challenges involved with depicting free movement, curvations, and the intricate details a body has. But, I am very happy with the simplistic result of this Hermes bust sculpture. The rigid lines and contours lend themselves well with a Greek or Roman theme and the result is a very regal, stately subject. The stoic, majestic face depicts the perfect Greek God. The Stainless Steel in this piece adds an additional layer to the already imposing face, solidifying with the viewer that this is someone worthy of a God status.

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