Flower Tower

Stainless Steel and Glass Flowers
7′ H x 1′ W x 1′ D


Flower Tower is an exciting scultpure for me because I see it as a beginning of a long journey. The beauty of the Stainless Steel combined with the bright colors of the glass flower make it an eye catching, breathtaking sculpture.

While it is beautiful on its own and is ideal for both outdoor and indoor locations, my vision for it includes a “wall” of hundreds of these sculptures. I can see them situated in a beautiful botanical garden creating a flowing, weaving wall.

The flowers are by a fellow artist, Scott Johnson. I saw him and his art while at an art show and knew I wanted to create a sculpture that I could incorporate these into. The simplicity of the tower allows the glass flowers to really become the focal point.

Refer to page 31 in the Dale Rogers Studio Collection Booklet.

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