2 Farmers

Cor-Ten Steel with painted steel ball and Stainless Steel insert
4′ 2″ H x 3′ 4″ W x 1′ 11″ D


Having grown up in a farming family, the concept behind 2 Farmers was second nature to me.

Each farmer represents the ever crucial balance between the two weathers needed for crop production. The farmer on the left has a yellow sun (steel ball) and the farmer on the right has stainless steel clouds and rain.

2 Farmers is one of my earliest sculptures that was not strictly an abstract geometric design. It is a good example of a piece that creates a strong, emotional, symbolic connection with viewers.

The curvature and shape of this piece makes it an interesting and challenging build. In 2010, I evolved this piece into one single form and Rodeo Joe was born.

Refer to page 21 in the Dale Rogers Studio Collection Booklet.

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