SunnyThe Big Dog Show is a travelling large-scale public art exhibit created by award winning sculptor, Dale Rogers, and consists of twenty 8 foot high by 10 foot long Cor-Ten steel American Dog sculptures.  “I created this travelling exhibit in 2009 because I strongly believe that public exposure to art is a critical component to the health of our communities.   Art is a catalyst for thought, conversation and connection.  Public Art goes even further by becoming a part of the community; something available for everyone,” says Dale.  “I built the exhibit for a New England tour which travelled through six cities in 3 states.  After seeing its success, I made the exhibit available to be rented out by corporations, individuals or non-profits as a way to raise awareness for their own organization or one they support. This temporary public art exhibit will enhance any community event you are sponsoring and is a proven crowd pleaser.”

When you rent The Big Dog Show you will get the twenty 8 x 10 foot American Dogs transported to and installed at your desired location.  You will receive event and fundraising support material to help you market the event and assist in your efforts to raise awareness and funds for your organization. Dale will make every effort to be available at the kickoff event if you would like him there.  Included in the cost of renting the exhibit is credit towards a permanent public sculpture from Dale Rogers Studio that will continue to enhance the community long after the temporary exhibit has departed.  Once the exhibit is over, the American Dogs will be collected and transported back home or to the next event.

A public art exhibition to be enjoyed by your community

“We had an influx of visitors and residents who came downtown to visit the sculptures, then stayed to eat and shop.”
Gin Wallace, Executive Director
Beverly Main Streets, Beverly MA

“Installed in the museum’s sculpture garden, it was a hit with the community.”
Frank Holt, Executive Director
Mennello Museum, Orlando FL

“Residents, resorters, and visitors alike were in awe of the spectacle about to unfold.”
Teresa Chaney, Events Coordinator
Little Travers Bay Humane Society, Harbor Springs, MI

A unique marketing and fund raising platform for any organization

“Our collaboration with Dale Rogers afforded us the opportunity to reach a new audience as well as the opportunity to talk about our programs in various media outlets. This led directly to increased business partnerships and awareness of our mission.”
Michael Kling, President, Board of Directors
Humane Society of West MI

“The night of the event was fabulous, and hundreds of people enjoyed the beautiful sculptures, the event was nothing less than a success.”
Meg Stephenson, Executive Director
Animal Friends Humane Society, Hamilton,OH

“The Gala is one of our most significant efforts and your unique American Dog sculptures created the perfect backdrop.”
John Stephenson, President
NSALA, New York NY

“While the sculptures were on display, we hosted six public events and increased park membership by over 60 members.”
Raymond Schneider, President
Red Dog, Cincinnati OH

Opportunity to have permanent placement of sculpture

“We are thrilled to have the dog and cat sculpture in front of our facility, they bring a smile to all who see them and many visitors pose for a photo by them.”
Meg Stephenson, Executive Director
Animal Friends Humane Society, Hamilton OH

“I see Dale’s work nearly every single day and the sight always lifts my spirit.”
Geordie Vining, Senior Project Manager
City of Newburyport MA

“People are drawn to the sculpture, smile when they see it, and often take photos with it, it will no doubt serve as an introduction to sculpture for many children for whom this is the first piece of public art that they can remember.”
Sharon Ranals, Director of Parks and Recreation
City of South San Francisco, CA

Since its premiere in 2009, the Big Dog Show has helped to generate more than $500,000 for different humanitarian groups/causes. Please contact us to discuss pricing, logistics, and further details on how to bring the Big Dog Show to your area and reap the benefits of not only the temporary exhibit, but permanent sculpture(s) to enhance your community.

“Adding art to public landscapes can inspire people of all ages.  I want my art to invoke a thought, generate a conversation, and create a strong connection for people who view it.  Historically, dogs have made positive and lasting impressions with people and I want the Big Dog Show to do the same,” says Dale. “This exhibit was initially designed as preparation for an even larger scale exhibit that I have wanted to create for open green spaces in greater metropolis areas.  The Big Dog Show in existence has been met with such success and enthusiasm that I am once again fueled to move forward with my dreams of an even larger exhibit.   I look forward to speaking with you about both of these exhibits.”


– The Big Dog Show consists of twenty 8 foot high by 10 foot long Cor-Ten Steel “American Dog” sculptures, each weighing about 500 pounds.

– Dale Rogers Studio will be solely responsible for the transportation, installation, and removal of the exhibit.

– Installation is typically completed in one day, though this may vary depending upon site specifics.

– Each dog has 2 base plates (one under each set of legs) that are secured to the ground with 24” threaded rod.

– Visitors will experience a “dog eye view” of the world due to the large scale of the sculptures. Clustering the dogs together in a smaller geographical space will achieve this impact far greater than spreading them out into a larger area.

– Exhibit time for The Big Dog Show is typically a couple of weeks, but can vary upon client wishes and Dale Rogers Studio’s schedule.


– We hope that this exhibit will serve you well in raising funds as well as awareness for your group(s). The fundraising page has many ideas and suggestions that we hope you find useful. To help you achieve maximum outreach and promotion we have supports available to assist you. Dale will make every effort to be available for a meet and greet or other interaction, if you so desire.


The following are available for purchase for fundraising purposes: