Flight is a large-scale public art exhibit created by award winning sculptor, Dale Rogers, and consists of nine stainless steel birds, each with 12-foot wingspans. The birds are supported in frames that vary from 12 to 16 feet high. It is a stunning exhibit that works well in any open public green space. The birds reflect the sky, sun, water or grass, bringing them to life. The flock is arranged in a serpentine pattern, which enhances visual interest; the exhibit looks great close up and from afar. Flight was first introduced at ArtPrize 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan where the exhibit won the ArtPrize “Best Use of Urban Space Juried Award”, an incredible honor for Dale.

When you rent Flight you will get nine, 12-foot wing span, stainless steel birds transported to and installed at your desired location. You will receive event and fundraising support materials to help you promote the event and assist in your effort to raise awareness and funds for your organization. Dale will make every effort to be available at the kickoff event if you would like him there. Included in the cost of renting the exhibit is credit towards a permanent sculpture from Dale Rogers Studio that will continue to enhance the community long after the temporary exhibit has departed. Once the exhibit is over, the birds will be collected and transported to their next event.

In 2009, Dale created his first traveling large scale public art exhibit, The Big Dog Show, consisting of twenty 8 foot high by 10 foot long Cor-Ten steel American Dog sculptures. Following the success of this exhibition, Dale has created Flight to further enhance his exhibit options. “I wanted to create a second traveling event that would have just as much appeal and impact as The Big Dog Show but could attract a different client group. I create these traveling public art exhibits because I strongly believe that public exposure to art is a critical component to the health of our communities. Art is a catalyst for thought, conversation, and connection; public art goes even further by becoming a part of the community, something available for everyone,” says Dale. Corporations, municipalities, individuals or non-profits can rent the exhibit as a way to raise awareness for their own organization or one they support.

Flight won the juried category of Best Use of Urban Space which was juried by Susan Szenasy, Chief Editor of Metropolis Magazine. Dale is extremely honored to have won this award for his exhibit.

Here are some photographs of Flight on exhibit at Essex Greenbelt in Essex, Massachusetts in 2013 and during ArtPrize 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Flight consists of 9 Stainless Steel birds, each with a 12-foot wingspan.

Each bird weighs approximately 200 pounds and is supported in a frame that varies in height from 12 to 16 feet.

Dale Rogers Studio will be solely responsible for the transportation,
installation, and removal of the exhibit.

Installation is typically completed in one day, though this
may vary depending upon site specifics.

Each frame has adjustable legs that can be leveled to ensure the bird hangs straight. Each leg is staked into the ground.

The birds are installed in a serpentine pattern, adding visual interest whether up close, viewing from a distance, or from above if possible.
Exhibit time for Flight is typically 2-3 weeks but can vary upon client wishes and Dale Rogers Studio’s schedule.


We hope that this exhibit will serve you well in raising funds as well as awareness for you group(s). To help you achieve maximum outreach and promotion we have supports available to assist you.

A PDF file for an 11”x14” poster that you can customize with your facility name, show dates, and contact information (sample included).

A PDF file for a customizable postcard if you choose to sell individual gull sculptures as part of your fundraising activities (sample included).

Any jpeg images of the exhibit that you think would be helpful.

Flight Button Pins and Key Chains are available for purchase for fundraising purposes.
Dale will make every effort to be available for a meet and greet or other interaction, if you so desire.

A PDF file for an 11″x14″ poster that you can customize with your facility name, show dates, and contact information.
– A PDF file for a customizable postcard if you choose to sell Gulls as part of your fundraising activities.

The following are available for purchase for fundraising purposes:

Flight Key Chains
Flight Key Chains
Flight Button Pins
Flight Button Pins